Speciality Consultation

Product Knowledge

With over three decades of experience in the industrial tyre and wheel sector, we have in-depth product knowledge of pneumatic, press-on-band and solid resilient tyres and wheel assemblies over multiple disciplines.

Bespoke Tyre Solutions

With an extensive manufacturing background of retread tyres, we have the perfect solution for operations to mitigate waste whilst reducing their operational costs. This framework is becoming more popular with the advent of the circular economy and sustainability requirements. We also advise on all leading brands of new tyres making us a preferred tyre partner of choice.

Root Cause Analysis

Downtime can be costly, and there are many causes for tyre and wheel related issues – with Intermodal Worldwide you can receive independent advice or have a professional second opinion for all your tyre and wheel related problems giving peace of mind. Should you require an independent judicator we have the correct solution for you, tyres can be costly and having the correct knowledge to advise is paramount when making a claim. Intermodal can also facilitate fleet audits and provide real time information to fleet operators giving them a true view of asset operational coast and efficiency.

Product Applications

We know, after many years of experience, that not all applications are the same and some applications require very specific tyres and properties for certain applications, we understand compound specifics and their operational use – failure to understand this problem can quite easily lead to big issues that can be costly in the long run.

Staff Training

Staff Training

Should the need arise we can assist in getting your team fully conversant with our tailored training solutions in the following areas:

  • Tyre and wheel basics
  • Tyre performance
  • Tyres and wheels in challenging environments
  • Tyre and wheels safety

Wheel Design

Tyres are one of the most important components of a vehicle forming contact and interaction with the land. Tyre technology has advanced rapidly over the last 20 years and there are many tyre options to make vehicles versatile to operate in different environments. Each tyre needs a specific wheel in order to fit on an axle. Wheels need to be designed to suit the vehicle and the tyre. Features such as load capacity, weight, offset, stud specification, reinforcement, taper, flange height all need to be considered. IM has years of experience working with manufacturers such as GKN Nagbol, Gianetti, Mefro, Jantsa, and many more. Bespoke wheels can be designed in 2D and 3D CAD platforms to ensure safe fitment.