Areas We Work


Howard Malcolmson has been working with Ports for over 25 years and his knowledge of Port vehicles and systems is incomparable. He is a leading expert in Port tyres and supplies Ports throughout the UK, Europe and beyond. Howard has worked closely with P&O, DFDS & Stenaline to find innovative solutions to the many issues involving handling and transport around the Ports, re-designing systems and even supplying tyre assemblies as original equipment to Terberg tractors.


Agriculture is the sector where you can witness the most incredible technological advances in machinery over the last 20 years. Tractors, Harvesters and Sprayers can be guided by satellite navigation and issues such as soil compaction, flotation, traction, load, speed and strength are at the forefront of that tyre technology. Major brand and budget tyre manufactures are constantly developing new size designs with advanced flexion, lower, faster, wider, narrower, stronger etc. It is important that agriculture machinery manufacturers and users keep abreast with this technology and match the correct tyre fitments with their requirements. IM has a wealth of experience in this area is able to advise independently to ensure that the correct tyre assemblies are fitted to agricultural machinery to maximise the efficiency of the machine.


Off-the-road (OTR) tyres typically enjoy a lifespan of little more than six months, leading some mining companies to look for ways to stretch a valuable few extra weeks from their existing rubber. Intermodal’s Directors have worked with mining companies to educate drivers in awareness and optimisation of tyres. One of the most potentially far-reaching outcomes of the ongoing supply crisis has been the developing market for retreading, which itself benefits from the renaissance of the widespread ethos of improved tyre management.

Retreading can extend the life of tyres to twice or even three times their normal lifespan, but the tyres – and particularly the casings – need to be looked after. The net result makes retreading by far the most feasible option. Intermodal is working with its remould partner to develop a range of earthmover tyres suitable for demanding applications. In addition, Intermodal has advised on the choice of high flotation slow-moving tyres for conveyor haulage at the diamond mines in South Africa.


Intermodal have advised city councils on tyre strategy from the design of heavy-duty curb protected tyres for rubbish trucks to conversions on mini tractors from agricultural tyres to turf for sports and recreational areas in parks & gardens, football pitches and industrial products for building sites and waste transfer stations.


Intermodal sources specialised motor spares and accessories for distribution to partners worldwide from classic car to monster truck parts. Intermodal audit and run a tyre management system for small fleets of vehicles and advise on the latest tyres suitable for all road applications. Intermodal also offers an independent warranty and adjudication service if users have tyre complaints.


Intermodal sources specialised spare parts and accessories for distribution to partners worldwide. Intermodal advise on many industrial projects including the choice of tyres and wheels, flotation, abrasion resistance, the longevity of tyres related to application, speed and load. Intermodal also operate innovative wheel swap programmes for companies using fleets of forklifts and industrial vehicles.


Intermodal sources spare parts & components for civil and military, fixed and rotary-wing aircraft throughout the world.

Our extensive range of products includes:

  • Military aircraft and helicopter spares
  • Civil aircraft and helicopter spares
  • Electronic breakdown components
  • Hardware – fasteners, seals, bushes, etc.

In addition Intermodal advises on the re-cycling, retreading of tyres and wheels no longer used on aircraft for alternative use in industrial and agricultural applications.


Intermodal has designed tyres and assemblies for trailer manufacturers and plant contractors for quite specific operations. Tyres used on JCBs and trailers, part of which run on the rail itself while the rest of the runs on the adjacent ground – the main consideration being that these tyres cannot fail as there are serious time restraints with railworks and vehicles cannot be stranded on a rail track!