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We are Intermodal Worldwide, specialist consultants providing expert multimodal tyre and wheels solutions. We are UK based with a global reach making us an expert supplier of industry choice.

Our areas of expertise are specialist consulting and product procurement. The areas we work in are: Aviation, Agriculture, Industrial, Road, Road-rail, Ports, Mines and Municipal. Our consultants combine the necessary proven expertise and skills, they are innovative and forward-thinking giving all our clients a competitive advantage across multiple industries.

Areas of Expertise

Speciality Consultation

When you have specialised needs, Intermodal Worldwide have highly specialised experts to help you make the right decisions for the sustainability and operability of your assets keep downtime to a minimum.

Product Procurement

In today’s volatile business environment with technology advancing at an unprecedented pace, leading companies reinvent their products to hold on to their competitive advantage, Intermodal worldwide are experts in the field of product procurement.

Areas We Work


From concept design through to detailed design, commissioning and after sales technical assistance Intermodal Worldwide provides engineering solutions to clients who require specialist consultancy for both tyre and wheel solutions.


We develop and deliver smart tyre and wheel solutions. Our speciality is flotation tyres, through strong partnerships with our customers in the development phase, we ensure optimal solutions for the applications, soil, and environment, as well as minimising the downtime in the field.


When material tonnage is your income there is no time for downtime, that is why Intermodal Worldwide work closely with our clients to ensure that your fleet operations run smoothly and efficiently. With our bespoke tyre solutions we can minimise tread wear and increase equipment performance and assist in maximising your profits.


Not sure the best way to optimise your fleet? Intermodal Worldwide’s experienced consultants can give you a tailored solution based on our technical knowledge. Whether it is forklifts or straddle carries, we can help provide the best tyre and wheel assemblies.


We can supply and advise on tyres for specific applications I.e dumper trucks, tipper trucks that normally work on construction sites, mixed service for on and off highway use. We also supply and offer consultation for tyres that require specific compounds and curbing bands for use on municipal vehicles such as refuse trucks, aches and buses.


Intermodal are leading consultants in the supply of aircraft tyres, aircraft wheels and aircraft brakes, military aircraft and helicopter spares, Civil aircraft and helicopter spares. Via our procurement channels we can supply leading Mitchelin and Goodyear aircraft tyres/tires and also offer sustainable retreading solutions.


Intermodal Worldwide have over three decades of experience in the supply of commercial road tyre and wheel solutions. Many accidents occur due to the wrong wheel and tyres being fitted. Implementing an Intermodal Worldwide tyre management plan can help you reduce the likelihood of an accident occuring.


The Road/Rail wheel excavator, we understand this process and have developed solutions to help improve safety and efficiency, Intermodal Worldwide deliver customised solutions for the most demanding environments, speak with us today to see how we can assist.

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